A Rustic Kitchen🌿

So I’ve always wanted a rustic country style kitchen.

It’s so hard to achieve in a new-build property when you choose from the options that the house builder has. (And obvs don’t have infinite cash!)

Of course in a new build, there are no old wooden beams, exposed bricks, deep ceramic sinks or a big fuel burning aga!!! Ah sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Anyway, we went for off-white shaker doors and dark oak worktop from the Taylor Wimpey options to give the place that kind of modern farmhouse “feel”. The rest will just have to be in the decor!

In order to achieve this look via decor, there is some brilliant inspo on Pinterest here.

From trawling and trawling through pages for inspiration, these are some quick simple notes that I took to achieve a farmhouse “look”:

  • Wooden floors
  • Wooden worktop
  • Shaker cabinets
  • Metro tiles
  • Exposed brick wallpaper/stick on tiles
  • Distressed wood: hearts, signs, chopping boards, displayed cooking utensils
  • Distressed wooden or metal mesh barn stars
  • Colours such as: walnut, sage, olive, mushroom, bark, sand, limestone, cream, oak (or pastels if you want to be a bit different!)
  • Wooden shelving either floating or with black steel or iron brackets
  • Period lighting
  • Animals or birds in ornament or picture form: pigs, chickens, cows, swallows, doves etc
  • Fresh flowers, herbs and plants of course!

Here are a few wee photos of our kitchen so far. To see what else we add to our work-in-progress, please follow our journey on Instagram @thegosfordmama

Clock (similar)

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