30 Min Mac & Cheese

Ingredients for x2 plus baby/toddler: 150g Macaroni X1 Veg Stock Cube 100g Cheddar 40g Parmesan Dijon Mustard 200g Creme Fraiche Panko Breadcrumbs Method 1. Pre-heat the oven 170^C 2. Boil 150g macaroni in x1 vegetable stock cube according to the duration on the packet 3. Drain the pasta; add in 80g of pre-grated cheddar and… Continue reading 30 Min Mac & Cheese


10 Min Bacon & Mushroom Alfredo

Ingredients: 200g Quick Cook Spaghetti 100g Bacon Lardons Garlic Paste Shaoxing Wine 150g Mushrooms 40g Parmesan 40g Clotted Cream Method: 1. Boil the kettle 2. Chop the mushrooms 3. Pour the boiled water over the pasta and cook as per the instructions (usually 8 mins) 4. Pan fry the lardons with the mushrooms, a squeeze… Continue reading 10 Min Bacon & Mushroom Alfredo


Hiya 😁🙋🏼

Intros are always boring I think.You follow someone on Instagram already and see their everyday life in stories & squares. Sometimes they share from the moment they wake & every single excruciating morsel of next 14 or so hours until they go to bed... Example Instagrammers Day:*warning: tongue-in-cheek content ⚠️⚠️⚠️ {insert positive/motivational morning quote on… Continue reading Hiya 😁🙋🏼